Ham and Cheese Galette

I 9" pie crust premade or recipe of choice 1 cup precooked ham, chopped 4 slices provolone cheese 1 cup cheese sauce (see recipe for Spicy Jack Queso) 1 small onion halved, sliced thin 1/2 green pepper sliced thin 3 garlic cloves sliced 1 celery stick, sliced thin egg wash 3 tbsp. grated Parmesan Cheese … Continue reading Ham and Cheese Galette

No epic Sunday meal this week!

Sometimes Sunday dinner needs to be a simple affair. I’m usually down with the time consuming, meaningful moments, but this week I gave myself the weekend off, not just Sunday I included Saturday and Monday too. I made up my mind to spend time doing nothing, my life was screaming for a time out and … Continue reading No epic Sunday meal this week!

A little Sunday Inspiration from Martha Stewart

I’m not very good at following recipes, yet I’m always reading recipes for food inspiration; from time to time I actually Google a recipe with the intention of trying it out. Today was one of those days. The intention was there when I searched for lemon blueberry muffins. The first recipe at the top of … Continue reading A little Sunday Inspiration from Martha Stewart

Turkey is for any Sunday!

At my house turkey is for more than holidays. Turkey is my husband’s favorite dinner and since he suffers my favorite - steak, much more frequently than I suffer his I try and make his turkey dinner special every time. The high point to turkey dinner is that without a doubt there will always be … Continue reading Turkey is for any Sunday!

Grilled Cheese of my Dreams

I had a junk food craving this weekend and I didn’t really want to give into it. I looked around my kitchen and decided to indulge my love of cheese instead of my love for delivery apps on my phone. It was a hard sell, but I put my all into it and surprise surprise … Continue reading Grilled Cheese of my Dreams

Leftovers reimagined is the way to go!

Leftovers can be boring. Dry and boring so when I’m planning my week I always like to include a plan that reinvents the leftovers and makes them seem like a whole new meal. This week’s Sunday dinner is no exception. The Roast Aux Deux deserved to be reinvented as something amazing. I started by chopping … Continue reading Leftovers reimagined is the way to go!