So long, but hopefully not good-bye forever

Marijuana, weed, sticky icky, Kush, grass, reefer, Mary Jane or whatever it is you choose to call it Canada’s choice to legalize cannabis has made the leafy green plant one hot topic. Or is it many hot topics.... I think it’s too many topics, so many in fact that people both new and old to … Continue reading So long, but hopefully not good-bye forever

Tina’s Tree of Memories

I wasn’t planning on putting up Christmas this year; we are changing things up by going out of town and not doing all of the tedious things I do every year in the name of tradition. I wasn’t planning on putting up Christmas that is until my sister arrived for a visit with my mother’s … Continue reading Tina’s Tree of Memories

Aging gracefully is a challenge

Everyone has that moment when they realize they’re getting old. The person looking back at them from the mirror isn’t an apparition it’s really them and they’re as old as the rumour mill is saying. No longer can they look at past classmates during awkward meet ups in grocery aisles and think “I’m so glad … Continue reading Aging gracefully is a challenge

The Perfect Gift

Yesterday I had an early birthday party and it was truly a perfect day. An even dozen people arrived at one of my favorite restaurants to celebrate me with the laughter I requested and I cannot remember the last time I had such an enjoyable day. As I looked down the table the smiling faces … Continue reading The Perfect Gift

Has grammar been ruined by the internet?

I love words. I love to string them together. I love the way they roll off my tongue. I however hate the dots, slashes, squiggles and weird symbols that in proper English help you read all of the words I love to string together and understand them at the same time. English is a confusing … Continue reading Has grammar been ruined by the internet?

Good-bye Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain is dead; apparently by his own hand. I cannot believe this to be true. I just can’t wrap my mind around the concept. For the past couple of days I’ve wondered what more there is to this story. I’ve played other possibilities in my mind a hundred times. Maybe it was a masturbation … Continue reading Good-bye Anthony Bourdain