Mother’s Day is a day to ponder

Mother’s Day when your mom is gone from this Earth can be more a day of reflection than a day of celebration. Not only do I not have a Mom, I am not a Mom (dogs and cats really don’t count in this train of thought) so that leaves me free to ponder and live … Continue reading Mother’s Day is a day to ponder

I was born to be a Collector ….

My house has always been interesting. It’s colorful, one of a kind and filled with the many many things that interest me. From Hello Kitty and Harry Potter to Barbie and pop art, shoes and a full cast of superheroes every inch is covered with something I find interesting. I’m a collector at heart and … Continue reading I was born to be a Collector ….

Gender: Drag Queen

In a world where you can choose to be Trans sexual, tri-sexual, bi-sexual or a Billy Goat, I’ve come to believe I’d like to pick my own gender too. I’ve given it a lot of consideration, looked at the many options and acronyms floating around and decided none of them really explain me. When I … Continue reading Gender: Drag Queen

Botox – will it save me?

A few days ago I found myself in a situation I never could’ve dreamt up in a million years; and not really a good position, so please don’t get too excited for me. There I was inside of a pain management clinic submitting to Botox injections- not for beauty, but for pain. I was apprehensive … Continue reading Botox – will it save me?

International Wimmin’s Day – should we still need it?

Last Friday my social media feeds were overwhelmed with the celebrations of International Wimmin’s Day. There were so many wimmin saluting one another, celebrating, clapping and pointing out our sameness despite our obvious differences. I was celebrated by wimmin from near and far by; some that I would consider feminists others that I would consider … Continue reading International Wimmin’s Day – should we still need it?