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Eat Local! Shop Local ! There’s never a better time than Summer for flavor

I think it’s no secret that I love to grocery shop. As much as I love cooking, I actually love the hunt for ingredients even more. I put a lot of thought into where my grocery items come from, how they’re sourced, even the carbon footprint they create in getting to my table. I believe … Continue reading Eat Local! Shop Local ! There’s never a better time than Summer for flavor

Mother’s Day is a day to ponder

Mother’s Day when your mom is gone from this Earth can be more a day of reflection than a day of celebration. Not only do I not have a Mom, I am not a Mom (dogs and cats really don’t count in this train of thought) so that leaves me free to ponder and live … Continue reading Mother’s Day is a day to ponder

I was born to be a Collector ….

My house has always been interesting. It’s colorful, one of a kind and filled with the many many things that interest me. From Hello Kitty and Harry Potter to Barbie and pop art, shoes and a full cast of superheroes every inch is covered with something I find interesting. I’m a collector at heart and … Continue reading I was born to be a Collector ….

Mom’s “Mac N Cheese”

This week my soul screams for BBQ; but Mother Nature is recommending we stick to a winter menu by providing cold, wet weather. I’ve decided to go somewhere in between. I put some chicken legs in the oven to roast, the whole leg and thigh just like my husband likes and like my mother used … Continue reading Mom’s “Mac N Cheese”

Gender: Drag Queen

In a world where you can choose to be Trans sexual, tri-sexual, bi-sexual or a Billy Goat, I’ve come to believe I’d like to pick my own gender too. I’ve given it a lot of consideration, looked at the many options and acronyms floating around and decided none of them really explain me. When I … Continue reading Gender: Drag Queen

Botox – will it save me?

A few days ago I found myself in a situation I never could’ve dreamt up in a million years; and not really a good position, so please don’t get too excited for me. There I was inside of a pain management clinic submitting to Botox injections- not for beauty, but for pain. I was apprehensive … Continue reading Botox – will it save me?