Epic girl’s weekend promises future fun!

Last weekend I skipped adulting and took a 3 day girls trip that had been planned since last summer.

We took my favorite trip to my happy place – Toronto – and enjoyed many of my favorite things. Lunch at Peter Pan Bistro, their Brussels sprouts salad is a literal salad dream (roasted and fresh sprouts with bacon, sour dough croutons and Caesar dressing) and Welsh Rarebit started my weekend and the best halibut on Earth (battered and extra crispy with the addition of salt and vinegar potato chips to the batter, their recipe is one of a kind) at Fresco’s Fish and Chips capped it off. In the middle we visited Ripley’s Aquarium, The Hudson Bay Ultimate Instagram display (on the way into Kleinfeld’s Bridal 😍😍), a beer bar, some grocery stores and my necessary stops at SVP Sports and every Winners we noticed. Along the way we also visited one of my favorite places The Hot Box/Roach -o -Rama, where we discovered CBD soap and body lotion and as always had a great conversation with the staff. The Blue Banana and Kid Icarus made Kensington Market exciting, even though we were shopping on a winter day the market feeling was still in the air. We all bought souvenirs from our trip and had a blast.

I take the pilgrimage to the big city whenever I can, but this weekend was special. Many of the places and restaurants were firsts for my companions and experiencing everything with them for the first time was a rush for me. I loved watching their excitement and felt a little giddy at times myself. Plus I enjoyed sharing some of my special places I’ve been going on and on about for years. On future trips I’m sure they will get the chance to share of theirs.

In the past we had done day trips together, all of us love antiques and farmers markets, but never a full vacation trip; considering the trip itself was another first it was a fabulous success. Over the past couple of years I’ve taken some girl trips with my sister and we are great vacation companions. Those trips made me realize it’s not just time away that matters it’s also the companions you take with you. Vacation companions should be stress free people in your life. Your lives should be entwined, but not so overlapping that their stress is your stress and vice versa. Vacation should be a no judgement zone with room for freedom and individuality while still being filled with laughter and an overall great time. As luck would have it we clicked the first time out. Everyone got to take a moment to be themselves. My sister was even lucky enough to reconnect with grade school friends that she hadn’t seen in a lifetime of years. We all did our thing; yet we all had a great time together.

Unlike other girl trips I’ve taken in my younger years this trip was about sharing, discovering and having an absolute relaxing, amazing time. There was no need to prove my fabulousness, no one using Tinder and old loves revived on Facebook to prove theirs. We all went to bed when we wanted to, no one was waiting for the “right time” to go out and even though I packed it, this was a no make- up necessary kind of weekend. Great food, better company and doing anything I wanted in my true happy place, my absolute definition of perfect time away.

This was our first trip away; I don’t think it will be our last. We are already planning a tubing trip for summer, I’ve never been tubing and I’m not really out doorsy, however the promise of the sheer amount of fun to be had (the advertising says so!!!) made me suggest it. There’s talk of a tropical destination next winter – I see a hut in the Maldives, hammock over the water and all in our futures. I’m excited about that.

The older I get the more I think about adventure. The more I think about it, the more I also think about how much adventure I’ve missed out on. Not anymore! Four days in the big city was just really dipping our toes in the water. I can’t wait to discover other places that also make my heart happy. I’m looking forward to us sharing some “first time” moments together. The options are endless, I have quite the bucket list; I’m sure the other ladies have their own. It’s also good to know that I have some companions to seek adventure with me.

Girl’s trips, like wine, get better with age. Instead of being a competition of awesome they become a discovery of the amazing and a true opportunity to recharge oneself. I don’t think it will matter if we are in a Winnebago two hours from home or in a distant country learning new customs a thousand kilometres away, what we give and take from one another will mean more than the setting for our adult time-outs. The adult time-outs feel like the right outlet for coping with the never ending demands of adulting itself. Cheers to girl’s weekend and hooray for thinking next year it will be girl’s week 😊