Super Easy Mushroom Soup

I’ve had more than one person mention that some of my soup recipes seem hard, take a long time or just have a lot of steps making them too involved. Bone broth, stocks and the effort they require are not for everyone, so today I thought I’d make a quick soup that can start with homemade broth or a good organic broth in a box and still have satisfying results.

I like this recipe because it’s for mushroom soup, hands down my favorite food of all time. It’s certainly something I’ve eaten consistently since I was toddler age. My usual Campbell’s in a can turned into homemade in my pot many years ago, but I like it plain, no super fussy ingredients and I think that’s why I can use a box of broth for the recipe and not feel sad about it. Normally I wouldn’t even consider it. Today it will add to the childhood homey feel especially when paired with a grilled cheese; it will make dinner perfect. Weird I know, but who can really explain the joy found in reliving happy memories by repeating flavours. Food for me is more comforting for the moments I recall while eating it then for the carbohydrate content most people crave. I love mushroom soup and it’s always been a go to food when I’m unwell, when I started making it homemade, it also became a great option for a quick satisfying any night, with leftovers for lunch, kind of meal. Today it will be special because I’m having a friend over, she loves my mushroom soup. So we will eat soup, likely one or two of the grilled cheese I mentioned and share a bottle of Prosecco … at least to start, I mean there could be more. Today mushroom soup will be a part of a celebration; tomorrow it could be for something different. Of course I’ll save a bowl or two for one of those under the weather days because being considerate of myself in advance often saves an otherwise bad day!

Cream of Mushroom Soup

2lbs mushrooms of choice, I used a combination of white and cremini, chopped

500ml heavy cream

500ml whole milk

2 900ml boxes of organic chicken broth or equal amount broth/stock of your choice

1 white onion finely chopped

2 cloves garlic crushed

2 ribs celery finely chopped

2tbsp butter

2 tbsp avocado oil

1/4 cup organic white flour or your favorite gluten free mix

Salt and pepper, fresh thyme to taste

I like my veg to be very small, the onion, celery and garlic a part of the creamy texture as opposed to being invaders of it, so I started with all three of them in the food processor, once pulsed to the smallest texture possible I added them to a Dutch oven with both the oil and butter already heating over medium high. I allowed them to cook while the mushrooms received the same treatment, just not as small. If I were using a more exotic mushroom I would show them off with larger knife cut pieces(I would also add at least a cup or two of good white wine to the equation), since I’m not I’m ok with the rough chop and escape from effort the food processor provides. They joined the other veg in the pot and once everything was cooked through I added the organic flour, making sure everything was coated. This mix continued cooking until the raw flour smell disappeared and a slight brown color started to appear. Most roux is valued for the dark color, I want this soup to still be light and cream colored so I stopped at a nice light brown, it’s important to make sure you cook everything and the raw flour taste doesn’t invade your soup, it will ruin it. Once I deemed it ready I cracked open the boxes of broth and slowly stirred in the liquid, brought it to a boil and allowed it to simmer for about 45mins. At this point I added the cream and milk. Once heated the soup is ready to eat. I like to finish it with a little truffle salt and of course the grilled cheese for dunking goes a long way to recreating my childhood joy and lifelong favorite meal. Cream of mushroom soup and grilled cheese may not be the most gourmet of meals, but it’s certainly one of the most satisfying.

*this recipe can also be frozen in small packages to be used whenever a recipe calls for condensed cream of mushroom soup from a can