No epic Sunday meal this week!

Sometimes Sunday dinner needs to be a simple affair. I’m usually down with the time consuming, meaningful moments, but this week I gave myself the weekend off, not just Sunday I included Saturday and Monday too. I made up my mind to spend time doing nothing, my life was screaming for a time out and for once I took it. I spent more time watching movies, even if I’d already seen them a lot of times, than putting effort into my long list of adulting. My meal prep and planning program went out the window and the weekend theme became use what’s in the house. A mental challenge to me to be creative for sure but a break from the pressure I put on myself every day to do the right thing. It’s a rare occasion for me to cut myself that much slack and when it happens I take advantage of it.

Saturday my husband was off to work and I started the adventure by making dinner for one, with ingredients he will not eat. I had a look around and noticed pre-made pie crust, five or six kinds of cheese, lots of milk, cream butter, celery, peppers, onions, spinach and Brussels sprouts; the one ingredient that made this all about me.! I remembered a recipe for for a chicken pot pie gallette and began to wonder what I had on hand for my own version. The freezer turned up package of ham and there it was a gallette with ham, Brussels sprouts, spinach and carmelized onion. I had never made one, but hey there’s a first time for everything.

This was an easy option because of a refridgerated pie crust. Feel free to make your own, I usually would, but I always keep these on hand for days when I need to eat and going the extra mile is two miles too far. Cheese and veggies piled high and wrapped in the pastry edges and cheese sauce poured in the middle until it looked more like a volcano than a flower as intended. A mere 35-40 mins in a preheated oven and the result was surprisingly a keeper. The extra cheese sauce inspired me to try my hand at oven baked potato chips once agsin. I made them two days in a row and we decided Sunday’s version was way better and so the recipe will begin with Sundays version and I’m sure be adapted endless times in the future depending on the options at hand. Dipped in the left over cheese sauce they were delightful and felt way more sinful than they really were.

Sunday I kept the theme going. I made the Lemon Blueberry Muffins challenging a Martha Stewart recipe to fit my pantry (my version of the recipe has already been posted) and decided two defrost pork chops and try my hand again at the chip recipe so my kitchen time was minimal for the joy the meal actually gave me. The pork chops were pan fried in bacon drippings and duck fat that had been flavoured with garlic and herbs, 20 mins for prep and cooking time, they were perfect. I added steamed Brussels sprouts for me and this week’s Sunday dinner was all about preplanning on other days to make today easier. Today I woke up and realized I hadn’t planned any groceries yet so I defrosted some turkey broth I had squirrelled away last week, boiled a bag of soup mix beans (lentils and barley in water with salt, garlic and onion) and created a soup we will eat for most of the week with just a few more items from freezer, fridge and pantry; I don’t think we will be disappointed. I love to buy groceries and my stored options this weekend prove it. Plus I do a lot of preplanning when I make the epic meals. The small meals benefit from the leftover proteins that are cooked, chopped and ready to go and they offer me options on those much needed breaks besides junk food.

All in all I think my low effort weekend was a great success. As my three day sojourn comes to an end and I scramble to complete laundry, clean up last week’s messes and prep for another busy week of forced adulating I’m already planning the next one!

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