Inside out Grilled Cheese … Revisited

When I was making soup today my mind automatically started thinking about the best dipping options I had in the house. Soup with great broth just screams for a dipper on the side. All of the bread on hand was a little stale and baking something fresh felt too hard. Bacon drippings appeared a few times this weekend yet bacon hadn’t starred in anything so I decided to revisit the inside out grilled cheese from a few weeks ago. Following the same directions I filled the middle with cooked bacon and shredded cheddar and some caramelized onion jam. I just used the French loaf I had on hand buttered the outside and once again reached for the handy slices of provolone my fridge always seems to hold. Lots of butter, a little patience and  this crispy cheesy delight turned out to be the star of an easy Monday night meal.