Grilled Cheese of my Dreams

I had a junk food craving this weekend and I didn’t really want to give into it. I looked around my kitchen and decided to indulge my love of cheese instead of my love for delivery apps on my phone. It was a hard sell, but I put my all into it and surprise surprise I was successful.

There’s always more cheese than I could ever eat in my fridge and as it happened I brought home some amazing cheddar cheese bread this week that was begging to be eaten; I avoid gluten for the most part but allow myself a good cheat from time to time. This bread is definitely the cheat that’s worth it! I lightly buttered the inside of the bread and layered a provolone slice with shredded Parmesan on one slice. I closed the sandwich and buttered the outside sticking slices of provolone to the butter. To double the slices I layered a bit of butter again on the first slice of cheese and used it as a yummy glue to keep the layers together. I mimicked the cheese coat on both sides before laying the sandwich cheese side down in a hot pan. The cheese will sizzle and crisp, sticking to the outside in a solid crust in 2-3 mins. Watch the pan closely it could be more or less at your house, every burner, pan or different kind of cheese offers a variable for cooking time. When you can lift the sandwich without leaving any cheese behind it’s ready to be flipped. As the cheese is melting and cooking I keep scraping the leaky, melty runaway bit back to the bread so it forms an edge against it as opposed to being left behind. This edge will make it easier to tell when the cheese is ready and flipping can begin. It will also make the flipping easier.  Cook until both sides are crispy and the middle is warm, gooey melty cheese.

For me this sandwich has endless possibilities. Any cheese, condiment or slice of meat could make it a whole new meal. To me the draw is the crispy cheese dripping in melted cheese that is every bite. It could be Boursin with Swiss cheese and onion jam or bacon and cheddar, with more cheddar for balance. I’m open to whatever combo my fridge and pantry have to offer. I will say that using the slices on the outside is brilliant and way easier than using shred, which is what I’ve tried before. It reminded me of a racelette the way the cheese melted in a pool with crispy edges. This was the perfect sandwich, good enough that I made it two days in a row. Between the crispness and the bread there was melty cheese, between the two slices of bread there was even more melty cheese, and from the bread itself there was yet more melty cheese. Every bite was perfection.

This recipe is a keeper; it’s also a great way to avoid the expensive delivery apps and never feel like you’ve missed a thing.

 Inside out Grilled Cheese

2 slices cheddar bread

6 deli slices provolone cheese

1 ounce shredded parm

2 tablespoons butter – room temp not melted

Preheat frying pan, medium high heat

Lightly butter inside of bread, layer 2 slices provolone and 1/2 parmesan cheese before closing sandwich with the second slice of bread. Butter outside of bread and layer cheese (1 slice provolone thin layer butter, 1/4 parmesan cheese and 1 slice provolone). Drop sandwich cheese side down and fry until cheese forms a solid crust and can be flipped. Repeat on other side. Serve with your favorite pickle while hot and melty.