The Perfect Gift

Yesterday I had an early birthday party and it was truly a perfect day. An even dozen people arrived at one of my favorite restaurants to celebrate me with the laughter I requested and I cannot remember the last time I had such an enjoyable day. As I looked down the table the smiling faces of my many “children”, their assorted spouses, my sister and her new partner (who is certainly a welcome new addition) and friends who’ve known me through oh so many lifetimes all eating tacos, dipping crispy bacon in guacamole and sipping or shooting various tequila cocktails, I was truly happy. I cannot tell a lie I’m out of practice, two Patron Silvers made me giddy and fun to be around and maybe a little bit loud; I just know I had a blast. I left already thinking I had a hangover, more likely from the churros than the tequila and with a full, happy heart.

I asked for no gifts, only the gift of laughter and I got that in abundance; yet I also received another gift that’s huge in comparison. When making plans for my blog I wanted to include a charitable idea that speaks to wimmin everywhere, one that  can be done in any community for any group of wimmin in need. It can be done by one wommin on any single occasion or adopted by groups of wimmin as a regular fundraiser. It could also be done as the entry to a pop up market or event, a social conscious fundraiser for a sports team or be the reason for throwing a fabulous party regardless of the occasion. I wanted an idea that all wimmin could get behind (and men too, lots of single Dads use food banks or mission services and have daughters) and that would bind them together; no foundation necessary, no waste of money or bureaucracy of any kind. Everything collected could immediately be used by the intended. I know that’s a lot of needs in one program but a while back I was sure I found one. My idea was to collect and donate personal hygiene products for wimmin and donate them in the community they’re collected in. Ultimately I intended to use the power of social media and its immediate power of persuasion to encourage wimmin everywhere to do the same thing. I’ve been humming and hawing about the right way to kick off such a simple, yet crazy way out there program.

As a surprise yesterday one of my life long friends decided to do it for me. My dining room table has an amazing pile of items all ready to be donated. I opened each and every package, carefully considering the contents, enjoying the beautiful cards and had the pleasure of making my first donation pyramid. Today I’m feeling proud. This pile represents the first step towards bringing my idea to reality. It also represents the support and love I have of the people who surround me. I always have big ideas and I can always see a bigger picture where those ideas fit in. It feels great to know that the people I count on are listening to my craziness and support it. That is the most amazing feeling of all.

This morning as I admired the pile and considered the support of my loved ones it also came to me that now the ball is in my court. It’s up to me to take the torch and run with it so I decided to hang onto this pile and see if I can reach out to all of the people, wimmin and men alike, people who support my page or new friends who just come across us and who might want to help make this amazing pile grow. If you see what I see and you want to be a part of my humble mission Facebook or text me and we can arrange a drop off or pick up. Feel free to leave me something in the corner I share at work. I’m well known for my Sheldon like love of “my space” and oh so easy to find, or if we know each other that well text me and stop by for tea the kettle is always ready.

Next Monday, November 19, I’ll post pics of our pyramid and drop it all off at Windsor’s Women’s Welcome Center. If you decide to collect a few things and donate them closer to home send me a pic or post one on our page so wimmin everywhere can see what we are doing, catch the spirit and join us in a movement to ensure no young girl ever misses school again, no single mother ever misses the job interview that could’ve been the best opportunity her family ever had or to ensure that wimmin everywhere can just have these things they need without choosing to need them or being able to afford them.

There’s so many ways to help. You can donate of course. If you do take a picture of your donation and post it on your social media, tag me in it and I’ll share it on Wimmin’s Talk and my own page. If you bring it to me I’ll add it to the pyramid; I’m excited to see how big it can grow! I’m also asking all of my social media friends near and far to share our posts. Even without a donation you can share our pictures, share all of our pages and help get the message out. Talk about our plans to anyone who will listen. Help connect us to wimmin everywhere so they can bring their husbands, sons, dads, brothers  and the rest of their families to the table too. Bring attention to a need few wimmin ever think about and so many take for granted while others suffer in silence going without.

Wimmin helping wimmin in need, no judgement only the gift of solving a problem so few of us consider, that’s the true meaning of wimmin lifting the spirits and freedoms of one another. We are all connected by the basic things that make us the same. The social and financial differences are all blurred when we come together to make sure our basic needs are met with as much equality as possible. The thank-you is watching wimmin prosper because such a basic need and a huge stressful worry for many is no longer a problem at all. Wimmin seeing a problem and banding together, solving it one step at a time, that’s what we should be aiming for.

The party was the gift I asked for. It was perfect and I will remember it always. The kick start to my plans was the gift I needed, one that I will be forever grateful for. I’m excited to see if seven days will increase the size of our pyramid and bring more people to the party. It will be amazing to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones as we bond over opening our hearts and minds and accepting the possibility that giving something so small could in fact be the start of something incredible big.

Are you up to the challenge? Would you like to give? Contact me in the next 7 days and help our pyramid grow!