Define your best life

Living your best life doesn’t have anything to do with being rich, successful or famous. It’s not about whom you marry or if you cheat. There’s no award for numbers. Living your best life isn’t about advertising charitable deeds or about being the most popular person in the crowd. In fact the world will still naturally spin without your instructions shouted on the wind; and the rest of mankind is quite honestly looking forward to the quiet.

Living your best life has nothing to do with advertising fashion houses on every label or following rules and trends. Fashion should be about personal choice not popular opinion. Matching is for socks not people; copying an insult not a compliment. Just be you and admire others for being themselves.

Bank balances and lifestyles may not be the same thing, but social media and insta everything might help you in convincing anyone you need to that yours actually match. Living your best life means avoiding the facade and just being you. Lies take effort and waste energy you could be putting towards building happiness. They also remind you of the components your life is missing without bringing you any closer to making them an actual reality. Any success in achieving them mired in the lies and constant fear of loss.

Living your best life is about having a full heart and a life that supports it. Living your best life is about conquering the hard things, accepting your realities and exploring your potential, facing your fears and fighting the battles that erupt in your path.

Living your best life is ultimately facing your personal truths and being ok with the person you’ve become. Love shapes you. Heartache shakes you. Betrayal enrages you. Only you can change you. Living your best life means that not only have you done it and survived you’ve done it and still like you.

Living your best life is about freedom, confidence and the realization that it’s the small things that build greatness and the large things that keep us humble. Living your best life is about defining what means the most and doing that, without hesitation or excuse.

Living your best life only happens when you decide to be the you, you want to be not the you wanted by others. Living your best life only happens when you give yourself permission to just be you.