When Sunday’s a fun day!

Sunday’s should be fun days. For me that can mean a lot of things. I like to do nothing and when in need of it. I consider that a day of fun. There’s always an afternoon in the kitchen trying new things or perfecting old ones.
Yesterday Tom was also off so a day of fun is what we planned.
Yesterday was also the day of the time change; never a good day for a fibro sufferer. I woke up seriously cranky with brain fog and a headache. Thankfully coffee and naproxen sorted me out enough not to cancel our day.
After early morning coffee with a friend and a sweet bribe for a ride we were at the mall and off adventuring. I do drive, but not when I feel unwell, on those days we bus it or like yesterday bribe a friend. Sick day outings I like to caption #Tomdrove and deal with it. He doesn’t drive but he navigated public transit with efficiency so we got around just fine and that’s all that matters. Plus buses have come a long way since the last time I was familiar with them. Easy step on platforms. Polite and helpful drivers (usually; nobody’s perfect), and since they’re all fairly new they’re almost clean and I assume a large crew of people in a depot somewhere work overtime to keep them that way. If only some of them ran more frequently they’d be a lot easier to use. Unlike most of our mall excursions food wasn’t a priority. A large breakfast of French toast and bacon made the food court seem a little blah. So we shopped. I discovered a new or maybe only new to me store with clothes in my size and a clearance rack stating buy 1 get 2 free. If you know me that’s a clothing rack that screams my name. Yesterday it screamed buy sexy bras so loud that I filled an entire shopping bag. The Mister threw in some Hello Kitty socks for fun and shopping for me was complete. For the husband who was in search of a new winter hat we started with the $80 Kangol and store hopped until we settled on
the under $20 version H&M that not only fit into his old man concept of frugality but will also be less likely to get him mugged on the bus. After almost 3 long hours of snuggling into the theatres new reclining seats enjoying the sounds of Freddy Mercury’s life and mini coffee crisp bars we hopped the return bus, enjoyed the short 2 block walk home from the closest stop and still faced all of the adulting I try to conquer on my day off. There it was meal planning, laundry, general clean up and pick up of the ridiculous unexplainable messes I make throughout the week. Besides that I had some other goals for my two days of freedom like writing a blog, writing some recipes and maybe, just maybe reading a comic or two from my pile of what’s beginning to be hundreds of new releases. Nothings new by the time I get around to the read me pile. This adulting stuff is just so hard!
I started with the most necessary meal prep. This week we will be eating pulled pork, baked beans, coleslaw, BBQ sauce, soda bread and deviled eggs because between last night and this morning that’s what I made.
Last night I boiled the beans that had been soaking for over 24 hours. Along with all of the other ingredients they hit the slow cooker for 14 hours, almost 2 full cycles on low. The pork was tightly wrapped in parchment and foil and nestled into the oven for a similar amount of time at a very low 200 degrees. We ordered dinner because the kitchen was busy for the long haul and that brings us to today. The roast was moved to the BBQ to finish with a little smoke. The BBQ sauce, an unmeasured work of art was made. Coleslaw was sauced mixed and put away. I deviled the eggs that I had boiled the other day in anticipation and tried my hands at soda bread again. To go with the soda bread I also churned up some homemade butter.
I’m lucky today my husband has taken charge of the laundry. My life goal of completing a blog is well under way and I’m a few emails short of feeling like I accomplished a few things on my day off.
Meals this week will revolve around the pork, beans and salad. The bread is good for lunch or dinner, can be toasted or fried. The deviled eggs will be my breakfast for a couple of days and a snack when I need one. I have strawberries and more whipping cream, the bread could also become a short-cake if I crave dessert. It seems like a lot of work but I will once again be thankful for my efforts mid-week when I’m exhausted, not wanting to and unable to think of options. I’m done earlier than I thought. I’ve tasted everything and it’s all good. Now I’m enjoying the coffee I was gifted with, it’s so Canadian to say I love you with Tim Horton’s and I’ve been told twice today, debating the comics I might read as I finish this blog.
#Lifegoals being accomplished. #Satisfaction
This weekend has been a success. A day of fun and all of the work done too. A little team effort goes a long way, after years of marriage it’s almost like we’ve finally found a groove that suits us. All of the adulting we have to do wrapped up in a totally great time. Bus adventures, movies, comics, take- out all in support of meal prep, bill paying and five day a week work weeks. Adulting will always be the ultimate challenge; making time to enjoy life like a kid without considerations my priority. Maybe this will be the week I get the recipes written and posted. Maybe not. My procrastinating is getting better; yet please keep in mind I’m still a procrastinator.