What is your word?

Positive words for wimmin are few and far between, at least to me. I am not an extension of a man. I am not a prefix or suffix. I am not a symbol. So in my search for a word to describe myself and my entire gender I became a little lost and thoroughly confused. I wasn’t looking to be an extremist; I was however looking for a personal, safe identity.

I looked to social media, my peers and friends, text books and students of fields like Wimmin’s studies only to discover more people are confused about which word, spelling or symbols suits them and the biggest problem to me is that no one is picking the same word. Wimmin not standing united has been our downfall for centuries. Wimmin need to support one another on this and so many more subjects. Our futures depend on it. It amazed me how this one simple facet of wommin hood could illustrate the entire big picture.

Are you a woman – extension of man, made from his extra rib and a secondary creation? Or are you wyman, wo-man or a symbol of science? Are you accepting of what I consider derogatory labels like broad, doll, gal or the worse yet whore, cunt, bitch? Then there’s some of my other favs – girlie, babe, babydoll and sweetheart. I married my sweetheart and no one else needs to shower me with intimate endearments. I like it when my husband does it, but from a stranger intimate words are creepy and often said as an insult as opposed to an endearment. I don’t like them. I’m willing to bet not many wimmin do.

I’ve worked in a man’s world for a long time. I can admit that I’ve ignored inappropriate words and actions many many times just to avoid confrontations that will not improve my life. I’m guessing by modern definition I’ve even participated in a few inappropriate situations. Mean people at water coolers were a real thing when I was exiting college. Am I proud of that? Not really. It’s just the reality for many people male or female. Times change, expectations change, before that people were acting/reacting in the ways that best provided survival. Sometimes in life you have to pick your battles and not every battle can be the most important part of your day. Happiness needs to win sometimes and how can anyone constantly battling injustice find peace and happiness in life. No one wanted to be the next subject at the cooler so you did what you had to to survive. Anyone from that time period that denies it is likely lying or had the sweet fortune of working alone.

I decided to pick my word and encourage other wimmin to do the same because I want to be a part of the initial building blocks that bring today’s wimmin together. I want to be there when wimmin finally realize their potential and carve out  newer, safer places where they can be themselves without barriers. 

I’ve chosen WIMMIN (wommin) to be my word, be it plural or singular it’s a word I can believe in. No suffix or prefix, no suggestion I’m an extension of a man and I can find all of the letters on a standard keyboard. I’m comfortable with it, I like it. Is this your word? It doesn’t have to be. But what is your word? Think about it. Decide. Let the world know. Maybe I haven’t made the best choice. Maybe I have. What I do know is until wimmin of all walks of life explore their options and make their own choice on this and many other issues the world will never know what wimmin truly want. Until wimmin make their wishes heard loud and clear, society will continue to marginalize us. We will continue to marginalize each other and worse we will continue to marginalize ourselves.

Say it loud. Say it proud. Shout your word from the rooftops, or on the internet. Own it and let it help define wimmin in the future.

Here we take the first stand knowing it will not be the last. It’s not a stand that will change the world, but it can be the first of many building blocks that will take us to the decisions that will.

Wimmin is my word. What’s yours?