Words My Way

I was born with an opinion about everything and I mean everything. Sometimes I have opinions about my opinions, that’s how serious I am about having an opinion.

It’s my opinion that life is hard and so far nothing has ever been able to convince me different. Adulting is the biggest challenge I face every day and I don’t like it because it’s hard! I stopped wanting to be an adult a very long time ago, yet there seems to be no end in sight. Even harder than being an adult is being  considered of the weaker sex. There is nothing weak about me. Nothing about me fulfills the conventional definition of being female and it’s only made harder by my desire to forgo adulting.

I’m married. I have many pets, and yes they are my fur babies, I’m not embarrassed to say it; although there’s a chance I got married to keep myself from being labeled a crazy cat lady. I read comic books, collect toys and love to spend my time being a nerd.

I am my own person, in every way. The most offensive thing I’ve ever heard is “I met this person and they are just like you!”  As egotistical as it is, I truly believe that is just not possible. I think everyone should be their own person. Our society frowns upon individuality. I’d like to raise a glass and toast to the possibilities; clearly my confidence problems never involve me having too little.

I’m fat. My body image is like a suit of armor. As I reach middle age I have no problem accepting me for me. The world around me often does. I think life is better full of rainbows, unicorns and glitter bombs – some people just will not get with my sparkle program. When that happens even I can be shocked by the mean girl that lives in my soul and her reaction to the constant prejudice and shaming I’ve been subjected to for decades. I’ve never allowed it to break me, I’ve used it to make myself strong, to give myself power and shape my positive image of me. I cannot lie, it has also built up a huge rage in me that fuels my desire to be heard and keeps me steady to the path.

For me this is all about my life, my views, my opinions and the desire I have to say them out loud. I want my voice to be heard and I hope it encourages other wimmin to think and to use the power of their words. We live in a world where wimmin often have the quietest voice. We need to live in a world where wimmin make the loudest positive sounds.

Welcome to the weird wacky world I live in. Please come in and explore. Let’s chat about the things that matter – from world peace to small facial wrinkles and all of the rivers of conversation in between.  Our place. Our words. Our Freedom. This is Wimmin’s Talk.